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None of this would have happened if I Had I not discovered them and their Essential Skills-3D Mind Success Story

Since I got the 3D Mind DVD on July last year I’ve been playing guitar more times and enjoying it. And it happened naturally.  

One time I was visiting the site of the Gibson guitars (One of the major manufactures of guitars in the world) and saw that here were on line lessons here made By Arlen Roth. Arlen is considered one of the best players ...

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Feed Your Brain!

I see it time and time again. Someone asks me to help them change their lives because they are depressed, lonely, shy or just unmotivated. While we can help with that there is one aspect of these problems that frequently gets overlooked.

How we eat affects how we FEEL. This time of year it is even harder to keep eating well. The holidays are littered ...

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The Worst Sales Person Ever

Yesterday I met the worst sales person ever.

I am getting ready to go out of town and my new house needs an alarm system. I have been calling on alarm companies for the past week and having them come over. Some were good and others were bad but I just met the worst sales person on the planet.

Everything started just fine as he entered my home. I told him ...

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The Road Map Gold Member Seminar Now Uploaded

Tom Vizzini

The Road Map Gold Member Seminar
Now Uploaded

Wow nice name but what does it mean? Recently we have been hired to fly to France to teach a seminar to a GIGANTIC software corporation. After getting some feedback from their sales force we immediately saw the Achilles Heal of their ...

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