• The right tools… “People who hated me started liking me”

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  • Why is the Ice Bucket Challenge such a sensation?

    I have been watching the ALS ice bucket challenges and it has been amazing. I was thinking about what made this really take off. With just a few simple rules you can get people to do the most unpleasant things.

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  • Genius – Gold Member seminar How to Learn Like a Genius

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  • How Can You Learn The Way GENIUS Does?

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  • Ethics- Every time I see someone write something about ethics it makes my skin crawl.

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  • London Total Transformation Seminar




    London Total Life Transformation Retreat



    ULU Conference Center London England October 1st Through 5th


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  • Gold Member Posts/ Videos

  • What Is Confidence? Video

     Our explanation of confidence:
    Confidence is the lack of anything. That does not mean confidence does not exist. A vacuum is the lack of air but a vacuum exists. Comfort feels good but many think of it as