• 7 Questions…. this months Gold Member Seminar

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  • Whose fault is it you are not successful?

    In the past 2 days I have run into 3 people who think that other people have advantages over them and think that gets in the way of attaining success. Why do they fail?

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  • Self help ZOMBIES and the ‘Magic Ready’

    ZOMBIES trying to eat enough brains to make them smarter but... it just never happens. Self improvement zombies just keep waiting to eat enough good feelings

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  • Politicians using anchoring??? How Ted Cruz Uses Anchoring

    Politicians using anchoring??? OK here is what I want you to notice. He is using a lot of power words in his speech and if you follow closely you can see that each time he uses a power word in clenches his fists for emphasis. He is in effect anchoring all those words to one gesture. He then uses that same gesture later when he states "there is a time for truth, There is a time for liberty." Then again, "I believe in the power of..." Just before he announces his run.

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  • Threaten To Fire Your Salesperson?? Really?

    The mistakes most people make is they they think that is their sales guy is motivated enough then he will sell. They use several ways to attempt this. First they try and pump them up and tell them how great they are and the product they are selling. That works for a few minutes but soon they are back to where they were. Second they try and threaten them by punishing them for not performing. The result is you end up with scared salesman doing unethical things to make the sale. Third they dump a ton of sales books, videos and tapes on them in hopes that something might stick. The result is that they are overwhelmed and never get anywhere.

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  • Gold Member Seminar- The Secret of how to Be Good at ANYTHING

    How to be good at anything.
    This will be a LIVE seminar this month so make plans to be there This Saturday at noon eastern time.
    So many people try to learn new things but seem to fall short.  They reach
    • What Is Confidence? Video

       Our explanation of confidence:
      Confidence is the lack of anything. That does not mean confidence does not exist. A vacuum is the lack of air but a vacuum exists. Comfort feels good but many think of it as the lack of

      By Tom Vizzini On Jul 20, 2013

    • The Lost Art of- EFFORT

      As we near the New Years I think we need to revisit a concept that is quickly getting lost. It is called …effort.
      Effort- Noun

      A vigorous or determined attempt.
      The result of an attempt.

      It seems the many have forgotten

      By Tom Vizzini On Dec 28, 2012

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