• Are You Using Intimidation To Persuade?

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  • Gay people can get married and racism is over! Happy ending… or is it?

    I am completely relaxed today as racism is now ended forever with the removal of a flag. Gay rights have finally been achieved by gay marriage. Except... It is all bull**it You have been fooled since what really changed should scare the crap out of you and that those two things are related in a way you would not expect.

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  • 7 Questions…. this months Gold Member Seminar

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  • Whose fault is it you are not successful?

    In the past 2 days I have run into 3 people who think that other people have advantages over them and think that gets in the way of attaining success. Why do they fail?

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  • Self help ZOMBIES and the ‘Magic Ready’

    ZOMBIES trying to eat enough brains to make them smarter but... it just never happens. Self improvement zombies just keep waiting to eat enough good feelings

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