• It is not worth anything…. if you don’t use it

    4 weeks of pre training.
    5 days of live training in Florida.
    4 Months of live online webinars
    1 hour of personal one on one via Skype
    1 Year of access to all the seminar recordings online. Everything is recorded 
    1 Membership to the TLT 2014 Facebook group where we can keep int touch on a daily basis and keep you moving. 

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  • 5 Easy Things You Can Do To Get Rapport and Create Instant Connection

    Rapport is about being the answer to whatever question is currently on the mind of the person you are interacting with.

    My example is this. If you are drowning what do you need? Do you need another drowning person to bond with OR do you need a life guard?

    You need a LIFEGUARD... just in case any of you were stumped by that question :)

    Do you care if you like the lifeguard?.. NO

    Do you care that they connect with you on a deep level?... NO!

    Would it matter if they were completely different that you? .... NO!

    All you care about if if they can SWIM and if they are willing to SAVE YOU!

    That is rapport!

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  • I Want to Think About it … Overcoming objections

    Sales Tip of the day. 

    This one is for the sales guys out there. You all here it. " I want to think about it." Here is a question I received today.:

    "Tom what is your take on "i want to think about it" objection. some people say it is an objection others say it is a stall...I know you do things differently from others, would the the objection destroyer on this with anchoring solve this objection as there are so many bad examples of how to handle this.... how do you make it work..."

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  • Here are 5 easy things to do that will make your life better immediately

    1 Start removing the clutter in your life.
    We all have it... clutter. Mental clutter. Emotional clutter. Behavioral clutter. Stuff clutter. People clutter.

    Look around your life and really notice what you have that is just junking up your life. Start removing it. Yes you have attachments to all kinds of stuff but so much if the stuff is useless and distracting. The faster you remove it the clearer your life becomes.

    2 Find one small thing that you have been putting off and get it done.

    It is the small stuff that will overwhelm you. By themselves the small stuff seems unimportant but when you allow small things to pile up you end up with a mountain that seems impossible to get done.

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  • Is manipulation bad?

    This is what a lot of people just don't understand. Being able to know how to use skills to get the outcome your desire is not JUST for sales people. It is for anyone who wants to make their life better and the lives of the people they care about.

    Is that better living through manipulation? Maybe :) Is that bad??? I don't think so. I think that most people in the world have a deep desire to trust other and connect with them. All you really have to do is open the door between you and them. Then get them to walk through that door and see what you have to offer.

    It is never about fooling people... It is about getting someone to accept your invitation to knowing who you are and what you can deliver. Just like opening that door to the Ferris Wheel and getting on the ride. Once that happens having the fun is easy. Making the sale is easy. Getting the job is easy.

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  • Welcome To The Essential Skills Of Personal Change and Persuasion

  • Total Life Transformation Retreat


    Sheraton Sand Key Resort

    Clearwater Florida

    June 23rd till June 27th

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    Total Life Transformation Retreat


    ULU Conference Center

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  • Gold Member Posts/ Videos

  • What Is Confidence? Video

    Video Notes
    What people think:
    no such “thing” as confidence
    Competent in conquering challenges and obstacles
     I can achieve whatever is in front of me
    you know that if want to do/achieve something it will work based
    Confidence is