• Confidence is for losers- why it fails every time

    Confidence.... The Holy Grail of success. The word gets tossed around like it is the cure for everything. Salespeople want it to be able to be a top producer. Athletes want it in order to attain top performance. Men want it in order to ask a woman out. Women want it in order to ask a man out. Everyone wants confidence! Only one small problem... the whole concept is a trap.

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  • The Law Of POOP… how to increase your personal happiness

    Addiction to DRAMA. Drama create a condition in the brain that triggers the reward system of the brain. The worst part is that your brain acclimates to one level of drama and then needs something more dramatic to get the same reward. When there is no drama then people tend to create it in order to get the reward. It does not matter if it is real... following politics... endlessly watching the news... or following reality tv... the rewards part of the brain sucks you down the drain.

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  • There I was in Istanbul Turkey minding my own business

    So what does this mean to you. Simple... Sometimes there is no easy way to get something done. You just have to make the effort and do it no matter how hard it is are how difficult the process is.

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  • Facts… are the beginning of every losing argument.

    Facts... are the beginning of every losing argument. I hear it all the time... -Give them facts and they will buy -Tell them the facts and they will see your point of view -If you present the facts the right way then they will vote for you

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    There is a good reason that this is the image most people have of car salespeople. I am in a group that has several of them and this is what I read this morning. Some of the worst answers to objections I have ever seen.

    "Let’s play the objection game. "I need to talk to my wife"
    Respond with your rebuttal and post a new objection"

    OK that is cool I lake games but here are the responses that were suggested:

    -I’d hand him my purse and tell him that his balls are lost somewhere in the bottom with all the loose change, pens, and tampons I have down there. I’d tell him to go fishing for them, or go home

    – Sir, look at your legs please. What you got on your legs? Are those pants? Great and who wears em? That’s right you do. You can make this decision. It’s not like buying a diamond ring. Let’s go.

    -Mr. Customer, I understand that this is a big purchase, but a wise man once told me it’s better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission . Best to have a little smirk after you say it for maximum effect.

    -"Oh, Kevin. Wow, you know.. I really don’t know what to say about that… wow.. I don’t know what to think about that, you need to talk to your wife? Really?" ahahahah

    -" I completely understand, I also talk to my wife about big purchases. You’ve probably discussed it, though right? I mean you wouldn’t just show up at a dealership if you discuss everything, so would your wife object to the car or the money? "

    -I understand its a lot of money, but u knew that before you came in here, you knew that when you asked about the product, and we both know if you really couldn’t afford it you wouldn’t have gone through the trouble in the first place, will that be master card or visa

    -One day you’re going to go from just looking to buying anyway, let me save you the time and turn you into a client today. Let’s roll!

    My answer:

    OK I have to say….. If anyone used any of these things on me I would tell you to go screw yourself and walk out the door.

    You are in SALES not a debate club. It seems some of you think you can win the argument and make the sale. You are missing the primary message.

    You screwed up in your sales process and that is why you are getting the objection.

    Overcoming the objection will not help because it is not the real problem. It is a symptom of your sales process.

    4 problems that cause objections are

    1 Rapport…. They do not feel they can trust you. They are not comfortable with allowing you to sell to them. Build trust in the first few minutes of meeting them. We just did an online seminar on Instantaneous Trust so it can be done.

    2 You did not bring up objections first. The best way to avoid the objection trap is to bring them up first and use the inoculation process to defuse them. It takes those objections off the table since they were already answered.

    3 You did not pay attention to or find their leverage points for making the sale. You got trapped in your ‘presentation’ and did not listen to why they wanted that product and what problem it solves for them.

    4 You sales process sucks. Selling is an art form when done right but so many salespeople think all they need to do is present the product and then drag out a bat and beat them into buying by tricking, trapping or arguing.

    You need to learn the sales process not a bunch of one liners. That is the difference between a professional salesperson and a trained monkey.

    Let me give an idea of the trained monkey car sales approach.

    Hi, like car?

    Let’s drive car…

    You buy car now…

    Beat until agrees to buy car.


    Blame customer for not buying and drown sorrows in banana flavored rum.

    You have to make a decision… are you a trained monkey or a professional salesperson.

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