• Are Your Friends Sabotaging Your Success? how to notice if you are in the Danger Zone

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  • Think about this… Who do you take advice from?

    Many people take advice from those who have done nothing. They tale advice from those you have no clue what they are talking about. Friends family and complete strangers who have no credibility. They blindly follow whatever the newest fad is without even asking if it works or if the person recommending it has gotten results long term. It makes my mind go numb. When you want advice about life should you ask your those who are in the same position you are in?

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  • The 4 Keys to Success at Anything… the earlier you learn them the better

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  • Painless Life This Way

    You have been told your life should be painless You have been told that your life should be stress free You have been told that your should never be sad You have been told you should never be depressed You have been told if any of these things happen that there is something wrong with you and you need help.

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  • Hate

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    Essential Skills shared Tom Vizzini‘s photo.

    Be Careful out there!

    Read a post on a sales group where a guy was dead broke, lived in a crap apartment and could not afford a car so he has a GREAT idea.

    Start a sales consulting company

    A year and a half later he is bragging about doing well but what he does not say is this…

    What kinds of results he is getting for his clients!!!

    What kind of BS he had to tell to get gigs!!!

    Look folks there are a lot of people out there selling bullshit. They repackage old sales stuff that you already know you should be doing and present it as AMAZING INSIGHT.

    Beware the bullshit marketing. There are 3 things that you need to be successful at sales and persuasion.

    1 The right mindset

    2 The right strategies

    3 The face to face skills to have the most influence.

    There are good places to get those. There are highly qualified people to teach you. There are amazing skills to be learned.

    Get the right skills that fit for you.

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