• Painless Life This Way

    You have been told your life should be painless You have been told that your life should be stress free You have been told that your should never be sad You have been told you should never be depressed You have been told if any of these things happen that there is something wrong with you and you need help.

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    What Scares You

    How can .5% of something bad happening scare the crap out of you?

    As I sit here today only a few people know what the last week has been like for me. 2 weeks ago I went to the doctor because I was in pain. As we thought I had a hernia and have had it for about 20 years. No big deal.

    Then I mentioned to the doctor I found a lump on my leg. Within a few short minutes we were talking about cancer.

    I had had this lump checked out before and other doctors said it was a fatty tumor. No big deal. The doctor wanted to remove it but said there was a very small chance it might be cancer. It it was that it was a different operation because they would have to remove a bunch of muscle and there was a much better chance of recovery if they only did it once.

    We immediately went down and got an MRI. My head was spinning. CANCER… The big C… This could be life changing. A week later we did the hernia operation and did a biopsy.

    After the MRI and having the doc take a sample he was certain that there was only a .5%-.25% chance that anything was wrong.

    That was too much.

    My brain went into overdrive. Was I going to be crippled? Would I be able to walk again? How would this affect Kim? What if it spread?

    I can say this. I was never more afraid of anything in my life.

    Logically…. I knew that this was such a small chance that it was really no chance at all. Logically… I knew it was no big deal.

    That logic meant nothing. My imagination began creating scenarios of how my life would be not being able to walk. How it would affect Kim.

    For the next week there was a constant fear that the worst would happen. No matter how much logic I used… the fear was winning.

    This was all over what was only a 1/2 of a percent chance of a possibility.

    Think about how in your life you have let the smallest amount of fear of failing, danger or discomfort allow you to avoid having the life you could have.

    This is all hard wired into the brain. It is what allowed us to survive. It stops us from going down dark alleys at night. It stops us from petting skunks. It keeps us from doing all kinds of really stupid things.

    It also causes an unreasonable reaction in other parts of your life like asking for a date, public speaking or even just sending food back when it is not cooked correctly.

    Our brains make no distinction emotionally between real life threats and other kinds of problems. It treats them all as if we are going to die. Then we react as if that threat is real and we start looking for reasons it is true.

    The thing is this. Even though I knew what my brain was doing it was hard to keep my mind from jumping to the worst possible scenario.

    What did help?

    Well I didn’t lie to myself and keep telling myself it would be okay. Instead I used a process we created called the 3D Mind to reboot my brain and get it out of the reactive emotional loop I was stuck in. This allowed me to deal with the possibility that I might have cancer.

    It allowed me to move to the next step which was looking into what might happen and how I would handle it if it did. What I found was that it did make me feel great but what I did feel was that if it was cancer that I would be able to handle it.

    Yes I was still nervous. I did not suddenly feel like I was invulnerable. The change was that I was again resourceful and would deal with whatever came up even if it was bad. I was prepared for whatever happened and would be able to make good decisions about how to handle it.

    Yes I was pretty relieved yesterday when they said I was okay. I still need a minor operation to remove a tumor and… that is fine.

    To me that is what real change is all about. It is not about feeling wonderful all the time. It is not about living a stress free life. It is not about always feeling powerful. It is about being able to adjust, adapt and find solutions to ongoing life problems.

    Change is not about feeling good it is about feeling you can handle it.

    To my friends that are hearing about the cancer thing for the first time, we didn’t tell anyone because we didn’t want them to worry if it was nothing so don’t feel left out 🙂

    To the few that did know thanks for the support!

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  • Painless Life This Way

    You have been told your life should be painless You have been told that your life should be stress free You have been told that your should never be sad You have been told you should never be depressed You have been told if..

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