Leadership, What 5 qualities are companies really looking for?

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Leadership, What 5 qualities are companies really looking for?

Leadership, What 5 qualities are companies really looking for?

What 5 qualities are companies really looking for?

Striving for goals despite setbacks
Staying cool under pressure
Harmony and collaboration
Persuasion and influence

Now for the missing link to your success…

The higher you go up the ladder, these things matter: for top leadership positions they are about 80 to 90 percent of distinguishing competences

STOP…. read what that says. How much you succeed is determined not by what you know or how you perform you job. 90% of it is about these human skills. Without these skills you dead end in your opportunities, relationships and career.

What does this mean to you? Here are the real world results that others have gotten.

Mike W.- Due to a different approach to risk my income has more than doubled since I attended TLT 2012, & increasingly I’m realizing potential and taking opportunities I’d have previously missed.

Win P-We are approaching 3X the revenue from last yr. I have been making some changes and anchoring clients like never before. While at TLT, we put over $1 mil under contract and now are already working on another mil. Little changes = big results. ” Win P-real estate

Luke K -TLT teaches you real life tools for influencing others. With these tools I am starting to get the life that I want, instead of letting others dictate what life I will have.
Gregory K -After this last TLT seminar anchoring has started to be become second nature and have been incorporating it more into my rapport skills.

James S -By tailoring the skills to fit my own personality at TLT I now have all the tools to choose the people and things I want in my life and cannot go back to my old way of thinking.

Tom D -TLT teaches you to skills to diagnose your issues, and tools to resolve them, with the support you need to be successful. Since the class I’ve discovered a lot I didn’t know about myself, and am steadily making progress removing the barriers to reaching my potential in many areas.

Lisa P -In one short week my business, social, and financial life has been forever changed for the better.

Look folks if you are not reaching your potential than you need to make a change. It is not going to magically happen for you.

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