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Is Mindset just a good mood?

Is Mindset just a good mood?


OK this morning I saw someone post an article on mindset.

They talked about being in a bad mood vs being in a good mood and just anchoring a good mood.

First of all mindset is not about mood. Yes you will have moods but having the right mindset if a completely different thing. Just being in a good mood has actually been shown to slow down success since it bypasses the brains natural survival mechanisms.

In other words… no stress good mood… I think I will have a beer!

That is not the same as having the right mindset to accomplish what you want.

Mindset is how you look at the world not what kind of mood you are in that day.

Let me give you a few examples…

Mood- I feel good

Mindset- I can learn anything.

See the difference?

Okay another…

Mood- powerful

Mindset- Failure helps me grow

You see moods are fleeting and mindsets are ongoing beliefs that are the foundation of accomplishment.

Some of our mindsets…

I can figure anything out.

Every problem has a solution and I can find it.

There is always an easier and more usable way to do things.

Every person is a puzzle and I can solve that puzzle.

I am really good at what we do and will keep getting better.

Mindset…. it is not about mood it is about an ongoing thought process that is running all the time.

Can you change your mindset? Yes. Anyone who has been to our seminars knows how we do it 🙂

BTW this is the next Gold Members Seminar!

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