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We told him to STOP COLD CALLING… why?

We told him to STOP COLD CALLING… why?

We told him to STOP COLD CALLING.

He was spending a ton of time cold calling. I think too much time but it is what sales people are trained to do to get business. Frankly I hate cold calling. I used to make 300 cold calls a day to get 10 leads.

What did we ask him to do instead?

1 Use methods that don’t eat up his time but pull in leads. He chose Facebook ads and they are working pretty well.

2 Contact all current clients and get referrals… That is working great.

3 Network using the anchoring and rapport skills he learned. Also working great.

This on top of tweaking his sales process and mindset that fit with his natural personality. The result? Massive increase in business.

Just think… if every client you have referred 2 clients and then they referred 2 and so on…. why would you ever have to cold call again?

So why do sales people cold call so much? Simple.

1 They are scared not to. If it is all you have then you desperately hit the phones.

2 It makes them feel busy even if it does not get results.

3 They don’t know what else to do.

I had one client that refused to get referrals even after being in business many years. They were always killing themselves getting new clients. When i asked why it was because they were afraid to sound like they were begging… WFT?

Yes their ego was so overblown that they did not want people to think they needed the referral… It makes my brain hurt.

That ONE change in their process could have yielded millions.

Let go of time wasting activities.

Focus on happy clients

Deliver awesome service

Ask for referrals!

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