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“Tom, have you seen the chemtrails in the sky?”

“Tom, have you seen the chemtrails in the sky?”

“Tom, have you seen the chemtrails in the sky?” When those are the first words of a conversation you just know it is all going down hill from there.

I have a short message for conspiracy buffs. STOP calling me!

Yesterday I was over at my dad’s house at his shop where I am restoring Kim’s truck. I should restore it. I dented every body part on it 🙂 I like working with my hands and being able to see a result. I really like taking something that is a mess and making it beautiful again. I have been working on one house for 3 years. It is 2 houses down from me and was full of drugs addicts for the first 5 years I lived here. When I finally bought it from them I had to strip out every wall, all wiring and even the plumbing. The only thing left was the shell. Now it is almost done and it looks great!.

I love cars and houses. If I ever quit doing this I will spend my time restoring old cars and investing in beat up houses. I borrowed Kim’s truck……for 3 years 🙂 I am tough on trucks. I haul lumber, tow boats, and generally throw stuff in and out of the bed. So it is easy to imagine that I took her pristine 1991 Toyota and proceeded to do what I call changing the aerodynamic qualities of her truck…..she calls them dents.

I also have my RV over at my dads and we have been rebuilding the inside of it as well. Kim took the oven apart because it was rusty and she wanted to paint it.

So there I am at my dad’s shop that is on a coupe acres behind his house. This shop was built by a guy who built hotrods. It still has some stuff laying around from him. I refer to it as the magic shop. Because every time I need something I search the shelves and there it is. This time I found a sand blaster. So of course I took it outside, with the oven frame that needs the rust removed. And began blasting the rust off on what was a nice sunny February day.

Then I get a call from someone. The first words are “”Tom, have you seen the chemtrails in the sky?”. For those who do not spend there days looking for secret government conspiracy’s. ‘chemtrails’ are supposed to be chemicals that the government puts in jets that leave long white trails across the sky. These chemicals are to , poison, control, drug, change the climate, or any number of 30 or so things that are claimed.

Don’t bother emailing me with ‘evidence’ of chemtrails. I think the conspiracy theory on that is crap and there is nothing you can say to change my mind. I have the explanation that I accept and it makes more sense than a giant conspiracy. I will share one aspect. Again I don’t want to argue with conspiracy people. I know this will offend them but….what is suggested makes no reasonable sense. It would be the hardest way to do what is suggested.

So what is my point. It is simple this. When someone has a belief that fills a void in their lives it is very hard to convince them of anything else. Beliefs are powerful. When you start filtering the world through one belief you taint your view of the world. This can either help you or hurt you.

In my previous post I explained the warrior mindset and how seeing the world through a warrior mindset makes you see war everywhere. The result is that you are always at war with the world. If you think that there are conspiracies everywhere then you see them everywhere. If you think that the world is crap you will see crap everywhere.

So there I am wasting valuable sand blasting time talking with this guy who is explaining why chemtrails are real. “ Chemtrails don’t dissipate and that is how they are different than contrails”. My answer was simple….you mean like clouds? So are you saying that clouds are chemical bombs? If this is true then why to they only to it in days that are perfectly clear? Would it not make more sense to drug us on cloudy days so we would not notice?

….Nothing. It was like talking to a lump of mud. No answers to my points but again….I was wasting valuable sand blasting time.

In 1999 all we heard about was how the world was going to end because al the computers would stop running. I met a guy who had 3 years of food stored and a bunch of guns sitting around waiting for society to fall apart. What happened….nothing.

So here we are today. Constantly bombarded by negative news about the economy. 24 hours a day we hear that the world going to go broke. You have the people who blindly follow anything they hear on the news or on the internet. Those who react rather than think begin to change their lives based on avoiding disaster. Companies started downsizing and people started to pull their money back. The result is a self fulfilling prophecy of a full blown recession.

As I sit here today I wonder what happened to us. It seems as if most people have lost their ability to be self reliant. What happened to the mental and physical toughness that we used to have? Back in 1941 Winston Churchill gave a speech at the Harrow school. By then Britain had been battered and bombed by Hitler. In the midst of all of this Churchill gave one of my favorite quotes. I would like to offer it to you now.

“Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never–in nothing, great or small, large or petty–never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”

Full speech here ( http://www.school-for-champions.com/speeches/churchill_never_give_in.htm )

Have you given up?

If you yield to the negative message you get bombarded by every day, you have given up.

If you constantly look for someone to blame, you have given up.

If all you see it conspiracy and doom, then you have given up.

On my last trip to the UK I met a great family. The father had a great mindset. That mindset has made them quite wealthy. I have come to embrace this mindset as one that works and is inspiring.

At one point they were going to lose their house and have to move into their office to live. So they have seen hard times. They were not always wealthy. Through it all these 2 beliefs have always endured.

The first one is that no matter what the problem…he can figure out a solution.

Imagine that for a moment. One of the biggest stumbling blocks that trips up those who want to achieve is that they lose the ability to get over their own crap and find the solution. Their own negative mindset clouds their minds so that the solution that is right in front of them, becomes invisible.

The second belief is that he was always very lucky. Everything will turn out fine. This is the exact opposite of what we get bombarded by every day on the news. We get told we are in crisis. The world is screwed. All is lost. These who buy into that trap will never be able to find a solution.

My choice is this. I will not give up. I know that I can do well even in a mess of an economy. I see opportunity everywhere. I REFUSE to participate in the fear. I REFUSE to participate in the hopelessness. I REFUSE to focus on the negative.

Never give up….

On you dreams

On your hopes

On you ability

On you courage

Never give in…..

To fear

To hopelessness

To negativity

To adversity

I want you to focus on a few things that you can do today.

-Find the opportunity that is hidden inside of every problem.

-Choose how you spend your time. Will it be scouring the internet for conspiracy or will it be spending time improving your life?

-Find people who INSPIRE you. Fine them and listen to them. Associate with them and learn from them.

-Refuse to participate…. in hopelessness, in stress, in pressure, in fear.

Folks, it is easy to get lost in the barrage of helplessness that we hear every day. Make up you mind to endure, succeed and survive. Become a person who can handle problems and finds solutions.

You can do it. You must to it. You will do it!

In closing I leave you with this Churchill quote from the sane “ Never Give Up” speech.

“You cannot tell from appearances how things will go. Sometimes imagination makes things out far worse than they are; yet without imagination not much can be done. Those people who are imaginative see many more dangers than perhaps exist; certainly many more than will happen; but then they must also pray to be given that extra courage to carry this far-reaching imagination.”

Where will your imagination lead you?

Tom Vizzini

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  1. Tom Vizzini  February 24, 2009

    Thanks! I am getting great feedback from it. I am glad you like it.


  2. ergest  February 24, 2009

    Wow Tom, this is the most inspiring, timely, and powerful post I’ve ever seen you write. If you keep this up, you’ll eventually write a book…which is not a bad thing 🙂


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