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Ethics- Every time I see someone write something about ethics it makes my skin crawl.

Ethics- Every time I see someone write something about ethics it makes my skin crawl.

Every time I see someone write something about ethics it makes my skin crawl.

Hey I tend to agree that you should not do things that hurt other people. This focus on some moral high ground or you are an evil manipulative devil is just crap.

When you learn the tools to get the life you desire you are going to have a massive advantage over those who do not learn those skills.

If you then decide to not use those skills to your full advantage because it would not be fair to those who did not bother to learn them then it seems you are accused of having no ethics.

This mentality confounds me. It seems the mindset today is you can succeed but don’t succeed too much or you will make someone mad. If your success means that someone else loses business or opportunity then you are unethical.

Well guess what. For every sale made there is another sales guy out there who did not get that sale. For ever business that grows it’s market share there is another that has lost it. For every winner there is a loser.

The truth is that you have to decide which side of that undeniable equation you want to be on.

Believe it or not… some people are uncertain which side the desire. The reason is simple. They have given one side a personality of righteousness and they have given the other side the personality of greed and evil. One is good and the other has no ethics.

Now comes the problem. The want the life they dream of but in their minds they would have no ethics and be evil!

I recently had a coaching client who was making very little money. His goal was to make 50K a year but…. that would make him middle class and he hated the middle class. Anything he did that got him closer to that figure made him feel terrible.

In his mind the middle class was full of judgmental arrogant. They had no fun and looked down on the ‘working class’. Now add in that he thought that the working class was noble and honorable. They were repressed by the middle class and victims.

What a place to be stuck. It was not until he made a change on that one thought process that he was able to move forward. The short version is this. People are not classes. You will be who you are no matter what money you make.

Now he makes about 50K a year.

Learning the skills to get ahead does not make you unethical. Winning does mot make you unethical. Succeeding does not make you unethical.

Just my morning rant.

Learn the skills…. life the life.


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