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Stupid Things Desperate Sales People Believe!… don’t be a Homer

Stupid Things Desperate Sales People Believe!… don’t be a Homer

Stupid Things Desperate Sales People Believe!

Are you a Vegan?
What pill can I take to be more focused?
What music app do you use?
What color tie should I where to close?
What color should my office be?
Do crazy socks help close the deal?
What watch should I buy to impress my clients?

These are the dumb questions asked by sale people today because they are looking for an edge and are desperate! They are reading 1960’s sales and motivation books and trying to use pop psychology, pseudo-science and poorly researched medical claims in order to finally make a few bucks. They are all BS.


The answer in a minute but one short thing. I wan to grow this group to get real help for sales people, managers and business owners. Please invite anyone you think would benefit and spread the word.

The answer is simple. They have no real training other than BS books and other sales people’s opinions. It all comes under one heading…

Stupid Things Desperate Sales People Believe!

I think their might actually be a section in the bookstore for this. 🙂

The ONE place you should NOT look for answers is by asking other sales folks. The truth is most sales people only know what other sales people have told them.

Stunning facts…

92% of all the sales people out there only make 20% of the sales. The other 8% make 80% of the sales.

75% of realtors fail in the first year and 87% over the next two.

The top 9% of realtors make 90% of the sales.

The one thing that makes the difference is this fact…

Those tops sales people making all the money spend a significant amount of time and money on personal training. They also… NEVER STOP LEARNING.

That means they do not ask the dingbat sitting next to them or the other people on the sales floor for advice.

Okay so why do people buy?

Number 1 reason… The relationship with the salesperson. You can have the best product on the planet and not be able to sell it if the customer does not have a relationship with you.


It means they feel like you are the person they can trust to help them. They may also like you but that is a bonus. They have to feel like you understand the problem they are having and that you know how to solve it. They will even pay more to feel understood.

Number 2… How they FEEL during the process. If you can elicit good feelings during the sales process then all information you give later will be filtered through those emotions.

This is where many sale people make a mistake. They try to use pressure, fear and pain to get people to move. The problem is that then all the really good reasons they have to buy are filtered through those emotions.

On the other hand if you get them to feel desire, fun and comfortable they will have those feelings associated to your product or service. Those are the feelings they will be having as you move them to the next step of your sales process.

Number 3… The logical reason they should make the decision. These are the facts and figures that solve the problem that they are having. Many times these justify the buying decision they have ALREADY MADE EMOTIONALLY.

Many say the people buy on emotion. We say people don’t buy without emotion. The facts and figures are important but they also need to feel good about it.

Very rarely will someone buy just on the facts even if it make perfect sense to do so. I hear it all the time. “We would save them so much money and give them better service and they still would not buy”. When I see that I know the first 2 steps were skipped.

While the bottom 92% of salespeople are trying to figure out what music to play in their office or what socks to wear. The top 8% are learning real sales skills.

As I said before… spread the word and let’s get some good people in here.

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