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    Persuasion Codes shared Tom Vizzini‘s post.

    At 2017 comes to a close it is a good time to reflect. Some random thoughts.

    Some of you know that it has been a tough year for us. Our plan was to take a year off and refocus our business. Also, we have some houses that need work. We wanted new websites.

    Then it all fell apart.

    My dad had cancer and we spent the last few months of his life helping him. It was pretty terrible.

    We had to help out other family members and that exploded into a mess. Yeah, not speaking to some of them anymore 🙂

    We spent the summer remodeling a house so my mom could get the money she was owed when we sold it so she could move out of her house that is crazy too big. 16 hour days.

    Add a few more things in and as much as we had planned the year… we got little actually done that we wanted to do. As you can imagine it is a bit disappointing.

    Sometimes I handled it well and other times not so much. I made a lot of changes over the last year. The future will be better because of it.

    Hey, some good stuff happened too. We got an amazing horse. We made new friends, we grew this group, I lost 20 pounds, and a few more things that were awesome.

    Why am I telling you this?

    The thing is, no matter what your plan is, life will be different than your plan. You have to be able to adapt or accept that your plan FAILED. It might have even been a great plan. Great plans fail too when life refuses to cooperate.

    So here I sit with 90% of the things I planned on doing in 2017, not done. You know what. That is just fine because I am still going to do them.

    I learned one very important thing. I can’t fix everything. Some people will drain you if you let them and you have to let go. The magic word ‘NO’ is a lifesaver. I have to say people were SHOCKED when I started using it more. Guess what? They stopped asking.

    What should you take away from this?

    Make your plans fluid. Expect that they will have to change and you will not be disappointed when they do. Know the difference between a good plan you were not able to implement and a bad plan that sucked. That does not mean to give up. It means to adjust.

    This is true whether it is a year-long plan or a 15 minute presentation. Adapt, adjust and refocus.

    Everything will be just fine 🙂

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