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  • Huh? Sometimes salespeople make my brain hurt!

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  • Stuck in a Rut? What NOT to do! and what I would do

    This morning I am reading through various groups that I follow and a question came up about how to get out of a rut. I realize that everyone has this problem from time to time no matter what kind of job you are in. It is worse in sales because a rut equals no money! Here is some of the terrible advice other sales people offered:

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  • Is Mindset just a good mood?

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  • Ever feel like you’ve lost your sales mojo? What do you do to get it back?

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  • We told him to STOP COLD CALLING… why?

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    Thank you, Tom and Kim, for helping me land my dream job!

    Received this today. They were in a tough competition for a high-level corporate job where the other two applicants and more time and experience. Read about how they did it:

    Tom and Kim – I wanted to report back how devastatingly successful (and easy) the skills are in an interview. I landed my dream job this week ahead of two candidates that are both higher up in the organization than I am.

    I used everything you’ve taught me about positioning and rapport to ensure I was in the right position at each stage of the conversation across all six of the interviews.

    My favorite highlight was asking our corporate president (whom I’d never met) what he thought the success in the role looked like. As he talked about each capability and project success, I set my anchors. Then, when it was time to talk about how I’d succeed in the role, I fired my anchor each time I outlined how I’d lead through each milestone and to success. I fired the anchor again at the end of the interview when I asked for the job.

    More importantly, and equally helpful in this process, has been using the skills to build a fanbase of raving supporters. Every time my new boss would introduce me to someone, he/she would light up and comment how great it was to meet me finally. I’m on the other side of the country and some folks find it tough to build those kinds of relationships when they aren’t face to face or talking every day. I certainly did 5 years ago before I learned the skills.

    So, thank you, Tom and Kim, for helping me land my dream job! For any of you reading this who aren’t Gold members, or who haven’t attended a seminar, do it! The skills work.

    Look folk I have nothing to sell you right now but if you want to learn how to have this kind of success in your life, the next step is to join our facebook group.

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