• Stuck in a Rut? What NOT to do! and what I would do

    This morning I am reading through various groups that I follow and a question came up about how to get out of a rut. I realize that everyone has this problem from time to time no matter what kind of job you are in. It is worse in sales because a rut equals no money! Here is some of the terrible advice other sales people offered:

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  • Is Mindset just a good mood?

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  • Ever feel like you’ve lost your sales mojo? What do you do to get it back?

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  • We told him to STOP COLD CALLING… why?

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  • Stupid Things Desperate Sales People Believe!… don’t be a Homer

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    "What do you think?"

    Most likely the dumbest question you can ask.

    Here is a thought for you. Anytime you ask a question that requires them to analyze, you are creating the opportunity for creating objections.

    It hurts my brain when someone sabotages themselves at the end of their presentation by asking this one dumb question.

    What should you do instead?

    "How does this match what you are looking for?"

    Why does this work? Because it primes the subconscious to look for what matches by directing it to do so.

    Just changing this one question can put massive dollars in your pocket.

    Combine this with learning to anchor emotional responses and then trigger that emotion as you ask the question gets even better results.

    Stop sabotaging yourself.

    #closing #howtosell #selling

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