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    Use the tools you have even if they are not the ones you need.

    Yesterday we got a call from a rental that a tree had fallen. It smashed the fence and these people have dogs that could get out.

    The tree was huge so we just knew there was nothing we could to that day but we went over anyway to take a look.

    We looked at the tree and realized that most of it was soft… maybe that is why it fell 🙂

    We started poking at it and it fell apart. We got the easy stuff off but could do no more by hand.

    I went into the garage where we still had some tools from renovating the house and found a 3 foot crowbar, I tiny hatchet and a small hand saw. Not ideal tools for the job but what the hell I thought we should give it a shot.

    We used the crowbar to leverage big chunks of wood from around the core. We were able to peel it back past the fence. That left a 3 foot section of core wood. Kim sawed that off. Now we were beyond the fence so we pulled what little amount off fence that was stuck under the tree out.

    One problem. The fence was bent and the top bar was smashed.

    We used the hatchet to straighten the bars until we could replace them. The fencing was still bent. We went back into the garage and found duct tape… yes the old standby for fixing everything.

    We pulled the fence up and secured i with duct tape to the top bar until we get the right stuff later this week.

    You can see from the before and after pictures we did get the job done even though… a chain saw and ax was what we really needed to remove the tree. Then of course there is the duct tape when what we really need are the correct wire fasteners.

    Our other choice would have been to wait until we had the perfect tools for the job and risk the dogs getting out.

    Lesson for the day?

    Use the tools you have and always have duct tape!

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