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    The Persuasion Codes

    I saw this question this morning while reading Facebook. I love reading other persuasion groups because they give me so many ideas for articles.

    "Why should I care about what you do?"

    What other people answered:

    -I could care less

    -You shouldn’t. You should just care about the end result.

    -If you were saying that to me I would maybe conclude that you weren’t right for me as a client.

    -Isn’t it more what you can do for me?

    Ouch… It is painful to see these mindsets. 🙂

    My Answer:

    Because I will make you care.

    So many of these answers were about caring about what someone could do for you but… that is not how you build a business. You can be the best in the world at something and never get beyond average results.

    The difference is having a relationship with your clients that creates… LOYALTY. Ask yourself this.

    How can I get my clients to be loyal?

    It is not about having the best product or even the best personality. It is about having the relationship THEY need in order to do business with you.

    Yes you need a good product as well. I have stopped doing business with people I like if their product sucks.

    How will I make you care?

    1 I will get rapport with you by understanding what you, as an individual, need and how you need to be treated

    2 I will anchor you to good feelings and you will subconsciously feel good whenever we interact.

    3 I will remember you and have real unrehearsed conversations with you instead of scripted BS

    4 I will deliver what I promise AND take care of you when I screw up.

    5 I will be the person you turn to when you are having a problem that I can solve.

    When you do things like this you don’t get a bunch of price shoppers who will dump you the minute someone cheaper comes along. You get referrals and get more money with much less effort. You will even end up with a few lifelong friends.

    I have been in the business of teaching persuasion for 18 years. I have clients that we have had that entire time. Some come to every seminar we hold to see what new stuff we come up with every year. Some are ion our group to ask questions because they know we will answer them and not just try and sell them something.

    The result is we have a relatively small client base that makes us a damn good living.

    That is why you should care 🙂

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