• Ethics- Every time I see someone write something about ethics it makes my skin crawl.

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  • Confidence Video-Reaching Your Potential is EASY- If you know how to do it… Confidence

    There is just no such thing. Anyone telling you that you need to be more confident has no idea of how the brain actually works. Confidence is the absence of fear doubt and uncertainty. It is not a 'thing' that you can create.

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  • 15 minutes which change his life… forever and now I have to wear a dress

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  • Leadership, What 5 qualities are companies really looking for?

    Confidence Striving for goals despite setbacks Staying cool under pressure Harmony and collaboration Persuasion and influenceNow for the missing link to your success...The higher you go up the ladder, these things matter: for top leadership positions they are about 80 to 90 percent of distinguishing competencesWhat does this mean to you?

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  • How Much More Money Could You Be Making?

    "We are approaching 3X the revenue from last yr. I have been making some changes and anchoring clients like never before. While at TLT, we put over $1 million under contract and now are already working on another million. Little changes = big results.

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  • Welcome To The Essential Skills Of Personal Change and Persuasion




    London Total Life Transformation Retreat



    ULU Conference Center London England October 1st Through 5th


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  • What Is Confidence? Video

     Our explanation of confidence:
    Confidence is the lack of anything. That does not mean confidence does not exist. A vacuum is the lack of air but a vacuum exists. Comfort feels good but many think of it as