• There I was in Istanbul Turkey minding my own business

    So what does this mean to you. Simple... Sometimes there is no easy way to get something done. You just have to make the effort and do it no matter how hard it is are how difficult the process is.

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  • Facts… are the beginning of every losing argument.

    Facts... are the beginning of every losing argument. I hear it all the time... -Give them facts and they will buy -Tell them the facts and they will see your point of view -If you present the facts the right way then they will vote for you

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  • Why you DON’T need to learn anchoring if you work for Dan Price!

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  • When crappy salespeople and managers run out of ideas

    The problem with trying to be persuasive using excitement is that the feeling of excitement fades pretty quickly. It is a leak state and all peak states are impossible to maintain for longer than about a minute... if that long. You have to keep exciting someone with bigger and bigger claims or promises.

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  • Are You Using Intimidation To Persuade?

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