• When crappy salespeople and managers run out of ideas

    The problem with trying to be persuasive using excitement is that the feeling of excitement fades pretty quickly. It is a leak state and all peak states are impossible to maintain for longer than about a minute... if that long. You have to keep exciting someone with bigger and bigger claims or promises.

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  • Are You Using Intimidation To Persuade?

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  • Gay people can get married and racism is over! Happy ending… or is it?

    I am completely relaxed today as racism is now ended forever with the removal of a flag. Gay rights have finally been achieved by gay marriage. Except... It is all bull**it You have been fooled since what really changed should scare the crap out of you and that those two things are related in a way you would not expect.

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  • 7 Questions…. this months Gold Member Seminar

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  • Whose fault is it you are not successful?

    In the past 2 days I have run into 3 people who think that other people have advantages over them and think that gets in the way of attaining success. Why do they fail?

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