• How to get RICH!!! what the get rich quick gurus will never tell you

    I am about to say something that most get rich GURUS will never tell you. You can get rich doing anything. All you need are the behavioral habit of rich people. Even those who do get this just give you a list of rich people stuff that they do. Then people go out and try to do that rich people stuff.

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  • So you want a Magic Pill???

    The reason you do not have the life you want is that you are avoiding doing the things that are NECESSARY for you to have it.So you LOVE the idea that all your problems can be fixed by a magic pill. That would allow you still avoid doing the things you need to do AND supposedly get you the life you want. How great is that?!?Only one problem... You can't change AND stay the same.

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  • The right tools… “People who hated me started liking me”

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  • Why is the Ice Bucket Challenge such a sensation?

    I have been watching the ALS ice bucket challenges and it has been amazing. I was thinking about what made this really take off. With just a few simple rules you can get people to do the most unpleasant things.

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  • Genius – Gold Member seminar How to Learn Like a Genius

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  • London Total Transformation Seminar




    London Total Life Transformation Retreat



    ULU Conference Center London England October 1st Through 5th


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  • Gold Member Posts/ Videos

  • What Is Confidence? Video

     Our explanation of confidence:
    Confidence is the lack of anything. That does not mean confidence does not exist. A vacuum is the lack of air but a vacuum exists. Comfort feels good but many think of it as