• We told him to STOP COLD CALLING… why?

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  • Stupid Things Desperate Sales People Believe!… don’t be a Homer

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  • They want you HELPLESS…. Why fake news feels so real

    Why do they want you to feel helpless? Well your brain does some very interesting things when it is under stress. It become very pliable. There is even a name for this. It is called learned helplessness. When you are in a state of learned helplessness you just stop trying to make up your own mind. You give over your authority to someone who provides what you think is a better idea and become a really good follower.

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  • Are Your Friends Sabotaging Your Success? how to notice if you are in the Danger Zone

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  • Think about this… Who do you take advice from?

    Many people take advice from those who have done nothing. They tale advice from those you have no clue what they are talking about. Friends family and complete strangers who have no credibility. They blindly follow whatever the newest fad is without even asking if it works or if the person recommending it has gotten results long term. It makes my mind go numb. When you want advice about life should you ask your those who are in the same position you are in?

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