• Stuck in a Rut? What NOT to do! and what I would do

    This morning I am reading through various groups that I follow and a question came up about how to get out of a rut. I realize that everyone has this problem from time to time no matter what kind of job you are in. It is worse in sales because a rut equals no money! Here is some of the terrible advice other sales people offered:

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    "I can save you money"… the dumbest thing a salesperson can say.

    The biggest mistake salespeople make is dropping the price … yet… it is the first thing they do.

    Hey I get it. Price is the easiest thing to negotiate. It is the most tangible thing to focus on. It is the first thing many customers object to. It is the easiest thing to use to compare you to competitors.

    That is why so many people sell on the idea that they are cheaper. They think they are attracting customers. What you are really attracting is discount shoppers. They are the worst clients of all. They will never be satisfied and always want a cheaper price. They will eat up your time and energy.

    What should you focus on?

    What FEATURES make you different than your competition?

    We were consulting with a company who made a product in the US. They were more expensive and kept losing deals to companies in China. They kept focusing on price and kept losing.

    We got them to focus on different things.

    1. All warranty problems were handled by this company so customer service did not have to do it.

    2. Inventory could be delivered in 2 weeks instead of having to order 3 months in advance so inventory control and cash flow would be better.

    3. If there was a problem the product could be replaced in 1 week instead of 4 to 6 weeks so customers would be happier.

    4. All business was done during US business hours.

    Add to that the face to face negotiating skills using rapport, anchoring and a few other things and BOOM!

    They got their price and a huge nationwide contract.

    Sell on price and you will die poor!

    #howtosell #sellingonprice #dumbwaystosell

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