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Huh? Sometimes salespeople make my brain hurt!

Huh? Sometimes salespeople make my brain hurt!

Huh? Sometimes salespeople make my brain hurt!

“How many times should I follow up with somebody?”

The answers this question got…

-Til the tell you to fuck urself
-Until they buy.
-As many as it takes to close the deal!! If you don’t close it someone else will.
-Until they buy or die
-Zero. Make them chase you
-Until they put a restraining order on you!
-Close the deal right then & there, or they can fuck off & im on to the next customer.
-Plus another 30 of the same idiotic advice.

This is why you never ask other salespeople for advice… Doing the same thing that is not working… over and over again is just plain stupid no matter how many times you do it.

Ouch… So not only is he asking the wrong question, he is getting a bunch of shit advice from a bunch of other salespeople that also do not know the right question.

It is not home many TIMES you follow up that matters. It is HOW you follow up that matters.

Does your follow-up

1. Deepen the relationship
2. Offer information that others are not offering
3. Generate a sense of urgency
4. Put you in the position of rapport needed to move to the next step

If not then figure out how your call will do one of these before you call.

The problem is that most sales monkeys just ask if they have thought it over or are suddenly ready to buy. They just hammer out phone calls or texts hoping that they can hit the sales lottery and someone will buy.


Get your process together and then follow it. Followup is just a continuation is the sales process.

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