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How to Sell using the Science of Selling

How to Sell using the Science of Selling
Recently I have joined some Facebook groups that are focused on sales and I have been stunned by the advice and the mindsets of those who have chosen sales as a career. It is as if it is still 1950.
The 3 main strategies of sell are:
Push someone until they agree
Overwhelm them with information
Destroy their objections
Then close them by cornering them and eliminating their options.
This is the main reason people don’t like salespeople. The whole experience is terrible, painful and humiliating.It is like a caveman clubbing a buyer over the head and dragging them back to the cave to sign the contract.
The result of this is that you don’t get referrals. You have to endlessly find new customers because your old ones hate you. You get stuck making a below average to average income unless you work 7 days a week.What usually happens is that the salesperson gets burnout and gets out of the business.
What is the answer?There has been so much research on the brain and how it works over the past decade. We understand so much more than we ever did before about how it makes decisions.
Most of this INVALIDATES the old stone aged sales methods that keep getting repeated generation after generation.The Science of Selling is about how we use that new information to:
Sell faster
Have less resistance
Create life long clients
Get massive referrals without begging
Spend LESS hours selling and make MORE money!!!
The Brain and Persuasion-
The biology of the brain Fight flight freeze food f-sex What you trigger leads the direction of resistance or movement. Logic and facts only validate the emotional decision that has already been made.The story teller part of your brain then creates a reality to fit the information and the decision. Once this has happened most salespeople try to disprove the story instead of changing the emotional structure that created the story…
They try facts and fear and both trigger primal responses. The fact is there are only 3 types of objections.
Reactance: The resistance to the persuasion process itself. It is the resistance that says, in effect, “Stop pushing on me.”
Skepticism: The resistance directed against the offer or proposal. It is the resistance that says, “I’m not sure this is the best alternative for me.”
Inertia: The reluctance to change. It is an attachment to the status quo. The client isn’t reacting to the persuader or the offer, but to their own reluctance to change.
Want to learn the strategies of how to USE science to sell more and overcome these 3 objections and use a simple science based selling method?
This method works on how your brain buys. How your brain objects to buying. How to use anchoring of close the deal.
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