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Why is the Ice Bucket Challenge such a sensation?

Why is the Ice Bucket Challenge such a sensation?

Why is the Ice bucket Challenge such a sensation?

Well we have been planning our trip to London and have to say it is going to be amazing! 

I have been watching the ALS ice bucket challenges and it has been amazing. I was thinking about what made this really take off. With just a few simple rules you can get people to do the most unpleasant things. 

The principle of inclusion. Being part of something even though you have no real connection to the issue

The principle of social pressure. Being called on to do the painful task publicly or being punished if you do not.

The principle of accomplishment. You get to display your success to all your friends and show that you did accomplish the painful thing.

The principle of challenge. Not only do you get all the other things but you get to apply pressure to friends publicly.

The principle of play. The element of fun makes this an interactive game.

These 5 principles would have made the ice bucket challenge a success even if there was no real reason for it. The fact that it was for a good cause is a bonus

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