Why do some people get paid more than others?

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Why do some people get paid more than others?

Why do some people get paid more than others?

Why do some people get paid more than others?

I have been watching the new recently and all the fuss about raising the minimum wage to 15 dollars in Seattle. All the buzz about how unfair it is that CEOs get so much money and workers get nothing.

Well it is unfair but not how you would think.

One person works hard from the age of 14 to educate themselves. The get the grades from that hard work. They sacrifice their social life to achieve a goal.

The other person parties their way through school and never makes an effort. The do the minimum or less. If they do actually graduate from high school they barely make it.

One person takes a huge financial risk on their education. They spend 4 to 6 more years in school studying hard and trying to better themselves. They might be 24 or 25 by the time they get out of school and have been working towards a goal for 10 years.

The other person got a job at McDonald’s. They worked their way up from french fry cook to grill cook. They do the minimum to keep the job but on their best day at work they are still just a cook. They don’t work hard enough to become a manager and constantly complain about the lack of opportunity.

One person gets a job and continues working as hard as they can.

The other just works hard enough.

The one day the person how made no effort decides that the deserve the lifestyle of someone who worked hard for 20 years to become successful.

The answer to the wage discrepancy is easy.

One person has a million dollar a year skill set.

The other has a 10 dollar an hour skill set.

Both are getting paid fairly according to the skills they have acquired… or not acquired. Both are living the lives that their decisions led them to. Both are responsible for where they are.

Want a better life…. Get better skills.

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  1. Adis  June 4, 2014

    Yep totally agree, reminds me of the 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf story, somewhat simillar.


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