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Can donuts make you RICH? Yes they can if you have the right strategy!

Can donuts make you RICH? Yes they can if you have the right strategy!

Can Donuts make you RICH? With the right strategy and skills they can!

Why do most people fail even if they work really hard?

I got an email from Norm yesterday who has learned the secret of success. You see, Norm was an expert. He still is but now he is an expert at something different.

Norm had all the highest qualifications in his field. He even taught classes on it. There was not a certification he did not have. He had a great work ethic. He even had some measure of success but at the point we met him his business was not doing what he wanted it to do.

I am sure that many of you have had the same experience. You work hard. Do all the right things. You are even really good at what you do. Even then you are stuck. Your only choice seems to be to work harder hoping that something would change.

What changed for Norm?

The problem was that while he was good at what he does. He was not good at understanding his clients. He id not know what they were feeling beyond their business goals. His business was suffering for it.

Everything changed after ONE seminar.

Norm came to one of our seminars almost 7 years ago. We teach people how to makes the changes to feel able to connect with other people. He learned how to influence without force. He learned to really see others and listen. The learned how to speak so others would understand him instead of talking at people.

That one seminar changed everything for him. One client commented, “We used you before because you knew what you were talking about but we didn’t like you”. His secretary commented,”I am not sure what you did while you were away but keep doing it.”

What was the result?

Norm has a thriving business where customers seem to fall from the sky and into his lap. He no longer has to try so hard to get clients. His customers, friends and even people he barely knows refer business to him. He work half as much as he used to and makes 3 times the money.

Let me give you one of Norm’s strategies of success.

Doughnut Diplomacy

Norm goes to a local doughnut shop close to closing a few days a week and buys everything they have for 1/4 the normal price. Then he finds business and walks in and gives them the doughnuts. He introduces himself and says that everyone needs a doughnut once in a while and they looked like they were working hard and leaves the doughnuts.

He also does a few other things that we teach for enhanced influence. Rapport skills, what to say and planting ideas in their minds for the future. Basically the other stuff we teach in our Total Life Transformation Seminar.

The result is that even if they never have a use for what he offers… he now has someone out there who is his diplomat. They tell people about him and actually do most of his prospecting for new clients.

The cost… 7.50 for a dozen doughnuts and 5 minutes of his time.

What does this mean to you?

It means that you have to learn something new instead of being an expert at what does not work.

I know you are out there wondering how to succeed. You think that hard work or becoming an expert is the path to success. You might have spent years of your life becoming the best at what you do and yet…. Life is not getting any better.

Life gets better if you do just a few things and learn just a few strategies.

Okay this all sounds great but come on…. can life change just like that?

Here is what Norm wrote in his email:

“If you think that Tom and Kim’s teachings do not pay off, read this.

Most of you know that I frequently take donuts to the places that I frequent, doctors, mostly service people. (Cost 7.50 a dozen.) Most service people are cursed at, etc. Imagine what a nice word, or a dozen donuts can get you.

Today I took my car in for a repair on the electric door lock, the part that makes it lock and unlock was fried. Total cost to fix, which included taking the whole door apart and the part etc around $500.00. NOW the important part. Car was out of warranty by 200.00 miles. As we talked a few minutes the Service Manager told me that I looked familiar and that even though I would have to pay for the repair kept my cool.

He looked at me and said hey, I remember you, you are the person that brought us donuts over the holidays when you had your car in for checkup.

He looked down at the bill and said “Oh I made a mistake this car is still under warranty, I must have read the mileage wrong”, or something like that. Donuts as an anchor…you bet. Smiling.”

Total savings… over 490 dollars. Not to mention the clients he has gotten from this.

Yes he used a gift to get his way but he also use anchoring, rapport, positioning and made some personal changes that allows him to use these skills.

How does this help you?

Ask yourself, what is your doughnut? What can you give that will get a response that will open up you customers, your boss, your employees, you opportunities.

Once you do that I can tell you that if you want to meet Norm and learn what else we taught him think about how one seminar can change your life… forever and finally get you the life you barely let yourself hope for.

Just one seminar can make all the difference and if it doesn’t I will give you 100% of your money back!

Isn’t it about time you started getting what you want?

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